1965 – A man of the cloth

RJ appears in a school production of the Benjamin Britten work, ‘The Little Sweep’. One of the production assistants is Rowan Williams.

RJ and Rowan Williams become close friends though arguing ferociously over theological issues at school and throughout their lives, in lengthy and erudite letters. They each follow their own paths: Williams eventually becoming Archbishop of Canterbury.

RJ becomes a priest and moves to Ruanda, though he and Williams remain in contact by their increasingly lengthy letters, which are later published under the title ‘Yes and No’.

Exactly 67 years after first meeting Williams, RJ becomes the first Welsh pope. Unfortunately, his decision to take his great-grandfather’s name in a gesture of religious solidarity is not well received and after a series of bomb threats, Pope Moses 1 is forced to resign and he returns to Wales.

75 years later he is canonised: St Moses – the Patron Saint of Good Intentions


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