1964 – Tom

RJ records ‘How beautiful are the feet’ from Handel’s Messiah for ‘Wil Six’ a BBC radio play. He is paid nearly six guineas.

Attracted by the prospect of money and fame, RJ saves enough money to buy a tape recorder. After many late nights listening to Radio Luxembourg, he meticulously re-records US classic songs which he sends to Tom Jones.

 Seeing a commercial opportunity with a younger namesake, the older Tom invites the younger Tom (Rowland) Jones to record the jointly penned ‘Two is better than one’. Following an appearance at The Royal Variety Show the single is a huge, but sadly their only, success.

Finally with his dreams shattered and his money spent, RJ returns to his hometown, where he finds work as a cobbler. For a short while, his meagre wages are supplemented by royalties when a foot cream manufacturer uses his original BBC recording for a T.V. commercial.


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